Discover the secrets of the southlands.

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New Culture

Meet the ancient clan of Sea Elves known as the Mórdaen, and create your own Sea Elf hero.


Undiscovered Lands

Venture through and explore the towering cliffs of Hún Lomath and face the deadly perils of the land.



Play through an epic 5-part adventure to uncover the mysteries of Mórdros.

The first release in the Tales of Esgar series, Lore of the Sea Elves is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition module centred around the Mórdaen, a clan of mystical Elves who dwell near the sea.

This module includes:

  • one brand new playable Culture 

  • a chronicle of the Mórdaen's history

  • detailed lore on the realm of Hún Lomath 

  • a 5-part story-driven adventure


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